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Needless to say, I am HORRIFIED.

‘All that you need to know about boars can be summed up in the fact that if you wish to hunt them, you must have a specially made boar spear. This spear has a crosspiece on it to prevent the boar from charging the length of the spear, driving it all the way through his own body, to savage the human holding the other end.’

-Boar and Apples, T. Kingfisher

fuck OFF

Note that pigs are also HUGE. So, yes, they ARE slightly larger pigs.

So I grew up in the city and have never seen a pig in real life and I just googled it and WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS

I thought they were like labrador sized, like, fat labradors, not mini-cows.

every time I see this post there are more people discovering how fuck off huge pigs actually are and I love it I thought this was a thing everyone knew but clearly not and I’m laughing 

This is me with our Tamworth boar, a heritage breed closer to their wild cousins than the Yorkshire above. I am a fully grown, average sized human. He was a gentle sweetie who, sadly, is no longer with us. His name was Mr. Big. 


Forever laffin’ at people who don’t understand how enormous, terrifying, and tenacious wild boar are. 

They’re like if bears had knives protruding from their closed mouths and Didn’t Know When To Quit. Their survival instincts when they’re wounded aren’t “run away and minimize injury” it’s “take the thing that hurt you down with you” They also make sounds like someone crossed a pig with an alligator.

Their head and neck alone can be like the size of an entire human torso.

Also forever laffin’ at people who think pigs are tiny, ‘cause we designed those things can get in the neighbourhood of a thousand pounds in ideal circumstances. 

It’s like when people assume Tuna must be small because they’ve only ever experienced them in hockey puck form.

Like seriously why the fuck y'all think everyone FREAKED THE HELL OUT when Dorothy fell into the pig pen in Wizard of Oz? It’s because pigs are HUGE and weigh a shitton and would crush her in an instant.

Texas law specifically says you can kill as many non-native wild hogs as you want, as often as you want, no limit, and they tell this to Texans. And we’re still losing the war against them.

I laugh when people think hogs are cute and little like Babe.  My grandma farms pigs and I was taught when I was a kid how dangerous they are; none of us grandkids were allowed anywhere near the pigpen.

I live in Texas, and yes, the wild hogs are awful.  They can destroy an entire crop field overnight.  They cause a huge amount of environmental damage because they will kill and eat anything they can, and their rooting and wallowing destroys sensitive habitats.  Oh, and they have no fear of wandering into a busy highway, thus causing a lot of deadly wrecks.  Imagine hitting one of those giant hogs with your car.

I do biodiversity mapping as a volunteer and my biggest fear is running into wild hogs.  Not snakes or scorpions.  Hogs.

All this. Wild boars are a big issue in Texas. Badass hunters take them on (unless they are firing from helicopters which makes them wimps even if culling is needed).

But even domesticated pigs are dangerous. It was very common for kids or even adults to die from falling or going into the pig pen in the past. It doesn’t mean individual pigs can’t be pets, but they will eat living things and wild boars scare even the toughest predators for good reason.

I once read about a fight between a wild boar and a fucking siberian tiger. In the end, the boar died - but not before having brutally killed the tiger as well. Boars are fucking savage. And remember, siberian tigers are the biggest cats alive in the wild, theyre so fucking big and strong, they sometimes hunt motherfucking bears.

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